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Miércoles, 15 Junio 2016 00:00

Segundo Simposio Marista de Inglés

Segundo Simposio Marista de Inglés

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Training is an important tool for Marist teachers to become better at their jobs and to reach the goal of educating children in a foreign language, while including the values belonging to our way of teaching. In this opportunity, two of the English area teachers were invited to Cali in Valle del Cauca, from January 26th to 28th, to participate in the Second English Marist Symposium, whose main purpose was to provide teachers with the spaces and information to reflect on several existing issues in English language assessment. Some of the topics discussed during this event were: slips, errors and attempts, productive and reproductive skills, rubrics, among others, while decisions regarding assessing criteria, as well as, texts books for elementary and secondary school were made.